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Moderato piano academy

Moderato piano academy in Scottsdale offers piano lessons to students at different ages and levels from young beginners to advanced, instructions with notations learning, techniques training, improvements in musical appreciation and taste with music theory learnings and music history introductions in various composers.

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What People are Saying

“Amazing teacher”

Mengyu is an amazing teacher who has the brilliant technique and musical appreciation, our daughter has improved a lot learning from her from beginner to intermediate now, she inspired her a lot of great things in her taste to music, sensitivity to music, as well as her technique and sight-reading abilities.

Gretchen Q. 

“Courteous, professional & punctual”

I love working with Mengyu. I had some basic music learnings through my young age and haven’t played the piano in over 20+ years. Mengyu walks me through each piece and helps me through my mistakes. She is courteous, professional, and punctual. Thank you Mengyu!❤️ 

Denise R. 

“Laid a great foundation”

Mengyu is fantastic, I’ve never learned piano before, she taught me very patiently and inspires me to get my musical ideas achieved in playing after I’ve laid a great foundation. I would recommend her 5/5.


David A. 

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10:00am – 7:00pm

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