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Technique for fingers is a basis when a music lesson, any instruments require a great foundation to reduce the tensions and make a wonderful performance. Students will be assigned to do weekly technique exercises that are customized for each student.


The lessons also include a sight-reading section, which focuses on helping students to improve their ability to start a new piece with effective practice and learn it faster.

Music Theory and History

Every musical notes make a beautiful piece. Learning music theory and history is a tool to be closer to the composer, explore more in the mysterious pieces. Students will have their experiences in music theory and history in each lesson, this approach will help them to perform better in the future.

Repertoire Build-up

The piano lesson will help the students to build up their own repertoire from Beginners to Advanced Level in any composers. We also have a different curriculum based on different method books that are written by famous piano pedagogies: Alfred, Faber, Thompson, Bastien Piano Basics. The teacher will take the one that is most suitable for you.

Student Performances

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